Our system requires staff members to give the location of a vehicle before returning the keys to a vehicle they have checked out in their name.  When we first released our product it was a software only solution.  There were salespeople that tried to return vehicles without providing vehicle location information.  Most of these issues resolved themselves naturally because all keys were given to an administrative person to be returned to the key storage board.

This administrator can look up the person who placed the keys in the return bowl and walked away.  If the vehicle to that key did not have location information properly added then the admin person would request them to provide it before returning the key to the storage board.  This system works and is still working today a year later after installation.

Having stated that it works, we realized it could be even better.  We ended up deciding to make a fundamental change to our system and add a smart key cabinet.  With the key cabinet their can be no cheating possible.  We have eliminated human error.  Our new smart cabinet will be available in September of 2016.

If you are returning a vehicle our system requires you to tell us where you parked the vehicle before you return the key to the cabinet.  All activities of checking out keys or returning keys are accomplished by using the cloud application before you arrive to the actual key cabinet.   When you approach the key cabinet you are allowed to only authenticate yourself.  When you do this we will display on a computer monitor what keys you are authorized to remove and/or keys you can return.  Trying to return a key when you have not properly given us the location of the vehicle will trigger an alarm condition.  This will send an SMS text message alerting whomever is designated to receive it.

Over a year of feedback from staff that use the KeyNCar software has validated that they will conform to this process.  What might surprise you the most is that they ALL end up appreciating the time savings benefits they receive when trying to sell vehicles.  The few seconds required for them to click on a lot location and row ends up being a mute point.

Our software has been engineered to support Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that would be typically found in large enterprise class data centers.  Rick Rodgers who is one of the founders of KeyAndCarTracking, LLC has successfully worked on large scale enterprise application projects at F100 companies throughout his career.

Our software is architected with Ruby on Rails and is running the PostgreSQL database.   These are considered standard development tools at large F100 companies.  Our system has never crashed since we installed it in July 2015 and went live at our first customer location.  

Our software is sold as a SAAS (Software As A Service) product.  This allows our customers to not worry about the day to day operation of the software itself.  An example would be the elimination of conducting daily backups or performance tuning tasks.  Instead our customers can focus on simply using the product for its intended purposes.

We also offer a number of hardware products to augment our software solution.  These include a smart key cabinet, a vehicle portal, and a gps tracking device.  These are purchased outright as additional items at the time you would commit to buying our software solution as a service.

Our product is considered production release.  We have performed extensive testing of our application at a live customer site since July of 2015.

If you would like to discuss our technology and how it might benefit your dealership please contact us directly.  You can visit our “Contact us” form page and send us a message.   You can find this page by clicking on this link:  Contact Form Page

This will need to be discussed on a case by case basis.  Most likely it will be much easier for you to retire your current system and replace it with ours.  We have a robust smart key cabinet available that is integrated directly with our software application.   We have no way to currently authenticate and unlock a competitors key cabinet.

Please contact our sales department to discuss your needs.