Company Background

Written by David C. Whitt – Founder of KeyAndCarTracking, LLC.

Key and Car Tracking, LLC was founded on the concept for eliminating the frustration for car dealership staff to locate both the key and the vehicles.  Too many times during the course of a day there is always somebody that is struggling to locate either of these items.   The company is founded by two individuals.  The program has been devised and written exclusively by Richard Rodgers.  He is a computer scientist with a wealth of knowledge about building high performance applications.  Typically he has worked for large Fortune 100 companies solving performance issues of applications residing in their data centers.

The Solution

I have always had a penchant for finding and eliminating my own personal time inefficiencies at the workplace.  The old adage work smarter not harder has always been one of the ideas that I have embraced.  Needless to say, the wasted time that I spent in trying to find car, started to stay at the top of my mind in wanting to find a solution to this problem.  Nobody that I talked to had any ideas of how this problem could be solved and yet everybody acknowledged it was a big issue for them too.  In talking to other car salespeople at other dealerships they also had no suggestions.   There are many systems for tracking the KEYS for a vehicle… but no inexpensive solutions for tracking the location of car.

What is interesting about this dilemma is that all cars that are on a car dealers lot … no matter where they are parked… were moved there by a person who was either an employee of the dealership or were somehow associated as a vendor of the dealership.   This lead me to the conclusion that if there was an easy way to capture the location of the car at the time the car was moved, then maybe this information could be shared with everyone and the problem would be solved.

This idea formed the basis of the company KeyAndCarTracking, LLC.   The idea is simple in that we enable everyone with a smartphone to quickly and easily share where they just moved a car to.  This information is then made available to anyone that might want to find this vehicle by simply typing in the stock number to that car in a browser application on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Hopefully … this technology that we are providing will solve for you too, one of the biggest frustrations that I found while working as a car salesperson at a volume dealership!

David Whitt

David Whitt


My background includes having worked in a technical sales capacity at numerous high tech companies like Cisco Systems, Xyratex,and Brocade Communications to name a few. I have also worked in a sales capacity at a major car dealership in the USA focusing on the sales of pre-owned vehicles.