2017: Automotive Key Management System Improves Customer Satisfaction Scores


Automotive Key Management System Customer Satisfaction Scores Improve

Automotive Key Management System Improves Satisfaction

The internet has caused a recognized cultural shift  with buying vehicles.  In 2016 a car dealers primary storefront is now considered to be their online presence.  This is a drastic shift from 15 years ago where their brick and mortar locations were their primary storefront.  The Automotive Key Management System industry has not kept up with these changes.

2016 Car Buyer Journey Study

The 2016 Car Buyer Journey Study by IHS (commissioned by Cox Automotive) has revealed new insights about the prevalence of online shopping, the relative importance of various Internet resources and the use of multiple devices during the car-buying process. The study also provides details about how car buyers consider a variety of makes/models and purchase options as they shop, and examines what consumers like and dislike the most about the car-buying process.  You can download a pdf copy of this study by visiting this URL link:   2016 Car Buyer Journey Study

Although most car buyers spend many hours shopping online to determine vehicles they are most interested in; the majority of buyers still simply walk into the dealership to discuss a vehicle they found online.  Having said that, creating a shopping experience with minimal friction is considered most important in achieving a sale and acquiring high satisfaction scores from a buyer.

This is my segway to discuss an area of frustration that has existed for many years.  No company has been able to deliver a cost effective solution yet to help car dealerships with this continuing problem.   I am of course referring to, the typical frustration of finding both the keys and vehicle that a potential customer is requesting to test drive.  Automotive Key Management Systems have failed dealerships in providing a solution to this dilemma.  That is why Key and Car Tracking has developed our system to finally offer a solution to this now pressing customer issue.

Automotive Key Management System – Let Me Explain why KeyNCar Tracking is better

Whenever a customer visits your dealership, you should be able to quickly tell them the status of the vehicle.  Is the vehicle available?  Or is it sold, out on a demo drive, not frontline ready, in service, being inspected, at the auction, etc..  There is no need to keep a customer waiting to try to determine the answer to this question.  Most Automotive Key Management Systems today do not deliver any information about the status of the vehicle.  Our system, KeyNCar Tracking does.

Similarly, if a vehicle is available for a buyer to test drive, both the keys and the vehicle should be able to be located immediately.  Most Automotive Key Management System only track the keys to the vehicle.   Typically, a salesperson would need to leave a customer in the showroom while they access the key tracking system cabinet to see if the key was available.  If the key is not available, it becomes necessary to eventually return to the customer to inform them that another vehicle choice would have to be made.  Wouldn’t it be better to have this information available at the fingertips of the salesperson while they were with the customer?  KeyNCar Tracking system does this properly, by allowing a salesperson to see the vehicle/key status and location  from our application that runs from any browser on any device.  Even better, they can then immediately press a button to reserve the key and vehicle immediately as they are still sitting with their customer.

KeyNCar Tracking system does this properly, by allowing a salesperson to immediately see the vehicle/key status and location.  They do this from our application that runs from any browser on any device.  Even better, they can then immediately press a button to reserve the key and vehicle immediately as they are still sitting with their customer.  Your staff member then simply walks to the key cabinet to retrieve the key, then confidently walks to the location specified to retrieve the vehicle for their customer.

KeyNCar Tracking Eliminates the Frustration of Finding Both Keys and Vehicles

In summary, the following points out why you should call Key and Car Tracking today and schedule an appointment to understand how we can improve your customer satisfaction scores too!

  • Real-time information available from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer) on the Vehicle STATUS, Location of key, Location of Vehicle
  • Check out a car for customer demo from our cloud-based system from any device.  Authenticate at our smart key cabinet, grab the key, go.
  • First system to track staff performance metrics of vehicle inventory usage.  (Parked correctly, windows up, gas replenished, keys returned promptly, etc.
  • SMS text messaging built-in to automatically remind staff to return keys, check in demo cars.  Lost keys will become a thing of the past!

To see our explainer video describing our product you can click on this link:  KeyNCar Tracking Explainer Video

We look forward to discussing your needs, please contact us for further information on how to get started improving your customer satisfaction scores!




Elevator Pitch – Shortened

After discussing with a few people I decided to try a shortened version of my pitch …


Hi.. we make a software tool that is available on smartphones, tablets, and computers.  This tool allows you to keep track of the physical location of both keys and vehicle inventory…. The immediate benefit of this to you is improved efficiency for your staff… and higher customer satisfaction.  There are a number of other time saving aspects of using our software tool and if this seems of interest to you I would be happy to explain.