Enforcing Accountability Through Peer Communication

Hey everybody!!   I have now pitched my software to a number of car sales supervisors and salespeople.   It seems the AH-HA moment comes when I show them the system we have in place to allow everybody to report issues involving the vehicle inventory.  In particular the ability to allow everyone to remind anybody that drives a vehicle in inventory when they are not following management policies.

As an example of this, while I am demonstrating the software, I simulate that the person I am speaking with has checked out a car for a demo drive.  As we discuss this, we then pretend that the person they demo’d the vehicle to decided not to purchase it.  Of course, now the issue is parking the vehicle and returning the key.  I show how easy it is to do this and how my KeyAndCarTracking system is able to immediately show the results of them returning the car to inventory.

Then the fun happens.  I pull out my smartphone and suggest to them a different person is now walking their car lot.  This person only has their smartphone on them with access to our KeyAndCarTracking application.  As they walk the lot they notice a car is misaligned in the row that they are responsible for.  This person does not know who was the person that parked the car wrong.  In the past, before KeyAndCarTracking, this was simply a form of frustration for them as they knew that at the end of the day they would have to personally align the vehicle properly.  A hassle for them.. but not the person that parked the car!!

Now however the tables are turned.  With the “REPORT INCIDENT” button available for my KeyAndCarTracking application it is simple for “ANYBODY” to use their smartphone to type in the stock number of the car misaligned and use the text box to describe the incident.  “CAR MISALIGNED”.   Immediately a text message is sent to the person who improperly parked the vehicle giving them the stock number of the car along with the messaage “car misaligned”.   Additionally the offending salespersons supervisor also receives a text message with the name of the salesperson and the incident being reported.  Finally a history of all incidents is kept allowing management to pull daily, weekly, or monthly reports to see how many incidents each person is generating.

KeyAndCarTracking now turns the tables and allows everybody to keep each other informed when they are not following management policies.  The person getting frustrated is now the person who did not follow management policies…  as they have to use their time to correct their own mistakes.  This allows car dealerships to create policies knowing that INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTABILITY is built into their processes and enforced by peer communication!TimeforAccountability

Elevator Pitch… is important

Improve Efficiency For Any Car Dealership is our elevator pitch

I have spent some time thinking about how to quickly describe what is the product we are selling and how it benefits the customer.  This is my current verbiage that I believe works best.  Any comments are much appreciated!  Improve efficiency for any car dealership is our mantra.

“Hi .. my name is David Whitt and I represent Key And Car Tracking, LLC.   Our company is Headquartered here in Columbus Oh.

I would like to introduce to you our product whose primary goal is to get your customer into the seat of a demo vehicle faster than you ever thought possible.

Our company produces a software tool that keeps track of the locations of the keys and vehicles at car dealerships.   We offer this information to your staff in real-time.  They can get access to this information from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.  We also watch your staff/vehicle performance metrics including parking correctly, windows up, gas replenished, return keys promptly, etc.

The benefits to you are:

1. Improved efficiency for your employees.  

2. Monitored accountability for staff/contractors moving and interacting with vehicle inventory.

3. Very happy customers.

This is the start of our marketing message journey.  We already know our product will change in the future as time moves forward.  What will not change is our basic tenet of “We improve efficiency for any car dealership”.

If you are reading this and would like to understand how our product could improve your efficiency please contact us.  You can either call us directly at (614) 344-0554 or click this link to reach our contact form.  Contact form

We are confident that you will find our unique solution for car dealerships to be of benefit to you in a number of areas for your dealership.


We Improve Efficiency For Any Car Dealership