12 Ways Key and Vehicle Lot Management System Improves Your Car Dealership

Lot Management SystemCar dealers today are being visited by savvy consumers.  Most of these prospects have researched their purchase decision primarily using the internet, hoping to find a vehicle that fits their needs.  They will visit only 1.4 dealerships on average before they make their purchase decision.  In other words, the sale is yours unless you find a way to derail it.  This article explains a new type of lot management system that eliminates any delays in getting your customer into the seat of a demo drive vehicle they are requesting to drive.  The purpose of this is to improve your customer satisfaction by eliminating the frustration customers experience waiting for your staff to find the key and vehicle they want to drive.

The REAL Issues to Consider When Purchasing a Lot Management System For Your Car Dealership

There are a number of factors that should drive your decision for selecting a “Lot Management System” for your dealership.  If you are thinking of purchasing a key tracking system only, you are addressing just a portion of the problem.  At Key and Car Tracking, LLC, we spent time working on the sales floor of one of the top used car dealerships in the USA.   During this time of over 4 years, walking the lot to retrieve the cars a potential customer wanted to test drive, we refined the criteria that benefited both the dealership and the potential customer.  Today we have an exceptional product that answers most of the immediate concerns for solving this unique and specific problem for car dealerships.

12 ways Key and Car Tracking LOT MANAGEMENT System can help your dealership:

  1. Getting customer into demo drive without delays
  2. Eliminate lost keys
  3. Tracking physical location of both the key and car
  4. Provide real-time status of the vehicle. (i.e. Available, Out on Demo, In Service, etc.)
  5. Interact with our lot management system using any browser on any device and from any location
  6. Improve process for servicing front line ready vehicles
  7. Track vehicles needing Manufacturers Recall issues
  8. Create a process to ensure 45-day inspection procedures
  9. Create wash bay procedures so lot attendants can be notified when a vehicle is sold and needs their attention
  10. Allow the transfer of key and vehicle responsibility between sales associates on the showroom floor
  11. Track performance metrics of staff as they interact with vehicle inventory.  Identify when staff may need additional training.  Maintain historical evidence of each staff members performance
  12. Create a future customer appt on a particular vehicle with customer name, phone and sales staff assigned.  We can then alert the salesperson either when that vehicle is sold or your auction team decides to move the vehicle to auction before the customer appt.

Our Lot Management System Can Potentially Increase Your Monthly Sales Volume

We say potentially.. but we feel confident that your sales volume WILL increase.  The first two criteria in the above list are the primary objective.  Cost savings analysis for these two items will provide the majority of your ROI in regards to your purchase decision.  Having said that, we have noticed an uptick in sales records after our product was installed.  In particular, one dealership has surpassed their record sales for most cars sold in a single day.  This record was set over 10 years ago.  Today they have been able to consistently beat this sales record.  Our anticipation is that you will see anywhere from a 2% to 8% increase in sales volume.  We believe eliminating the time to find keys and vehicles, thereby, streamlining the sales process for your customers is the key factor that will drive this growth.

You Cannot Manage What You Cannot Measure

Lot Management Allows Historical Data to be Tracked

Lot Management Tracks Your Staff Performance Metrics

One of the interesting ideas born from working at a high volume car dealership is staff accountability.  There were many frustrating days spent fixing problems created by peers because they were too lazy or just didn’t care about doing what was asked of them.  For example, parking vehicles so that the front bumper was aligned with the other vehicles of the row it was being parked in.  We had over 60 salespeople on the floor every Saturday.  It never failed that some of these salespeople would shirk their responsibility of parking vehicles correctly when nobody was watching.  At the end of the day, the rows of vehicles that I was being held accountable for, I would have to check out the keys to cars not aligned properly and fix their problem.

Understanding this frustration, our company provides staff accountability for criteria that you want to be monitored at your dealership.  This might include:

  • Vehicles Aligned Properly
  • Vehicle Windows Left Down
  • Fuel Levels Kept To Your Directives
  • Vehicle Keys Returned Promptly
  • Demo Vehicles Not Left In Customer Parking At End Of Day
  • Vehicles Parked Where Reported
  • Other Criteria You Want Monitored

Once your criteria is defined we can keep historical data on all staff members as it relates to what is most important to you.  We do this both automatically and with the help of your staff.  In the case of fuel levels for example, if a staff member checks out a car for a customer demo, they will notice the fuel level.  If your policy is not to return a vehicle to the lot with no fuel, this is easily reported by the next person driving the vehicle.

If a vehicle is left in your customer parking overnight, we will know the vehicle was not returned properly at the end of the day.  An SMS text will be sent to your staff with the vehicle key reminding them to check this vehicle back in at the end of the day.  If they leave for the day without doing this, we will report this the next morning and keep this incident in that employee historical performance records.

During your weekly reports, the performance metrics of your staff will show you who needs to be reminded of areas they need to improve.  At the same time, those employees that are doing an excellent job can be praised for their positive efforts!


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