Key Swap Scams – How To Prevent These Thefts

Key Swap Scams

This recent news video discusses how Key Swap Scams in Arkansas are visiting dealerships with the intent to swap a key on the dealerships key-ring then return late at night to steal the vehicle.  The news video goes on to say that the VIN number is swapped out and the car is repainted in a few days never to be seen again.  This type of theft costs dealerships thousands of dollars!

Key and Car Tracking, LLC has a couple of ways of helping you to thwart this type of theft.  Through the use of low-cost magnetic mount hidden GPS tracking devices we can set an alerting system to trigger when movement is detected after hours.  Our system can then alert you via a text message that this has occurred.

Another new device that we will start shipping soon is a vehicle portal device that detects movement of a vehicle as it leaves a car lot.  This portal device will determine vehicle identity using an new type of very accurate RFID antenna/scanning system.   The moment that a vehicle passes through the portal, SMS text message alerts can be sent out to a list of people you want notified.  A camera system can be setup to trigger simultaneously too.   You can then immediately call police with vehicle details.

Some dealerships may decide to have both technologies installed so that the GPS tracking device can give you a real-time streaming report as the vehicle is driving away.  Of course these systems are integrated into our overall Key and Car Tracking solution and provide much more benefits than just preventing Key Swap Scams.

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