Stolen Vehicle Alerting System

Stolen Vehicle/Internal Movement Alerting System… One of the many advantages of investing in the basic Key and Car Tracking Solution is the ability to add many additional features to our basic software product. Our road map is quite extensive in additional features that will be added.  A soon to release product that we are real excited about is our Stolen Vehicle/Internal Movement Alerting System.   We can add unique features like this because our basic platform keeps track of the current and historical status/movement of a vehicle.  By adding a movement detection system it is easy for us to build custom algorithms for your dealership that will pinpoint specifically when a vehicle is unauthorized to leave your lot.


Stolen Vehicle Alert System

Stolen Vehicle Alerting is just one of the many concepts we will bring to market soon.  Internal movement monitoring will allow us to keep a history of vehicle movement activity as a vehicle moves about your dealership.  No longer will you wonder what happened to the vehicle as we can show you the exact time it entered your service bay and the time it left and was parked in a particular area of your dealership.

If having an advanced tracking system for your vehicles and keys is important to you, please call us to discuss your needs.  You will be pleasantly surprised at a number of new concepts we will be delivering to the automotive dealership market.