The Collective Mind

I have been thinking about ways to best describe our software at Key And Car Tracking, LLC.  The name Key and Car Tracking is actually somewhat deceptive.  It gives you the perception that we focus strictly on the tracking of “keys” and “vehicles”.  Truth be told this is only a partial representation of what we offer our clients.


Let me explain…


I’m not sure if you have ever watched any of the episodes of Star Trek when the Borg first arrived.  If you didn’t, suffice it to say they were absolutely terrifying.  The reason is that they assimilated other beings from around the different galaxies and added each individual to their collective mind.  The individual Borg’s could then think as ONE.  By doing so they had the ability to each understand and know things that before they simply could not know.  This was the power of “SHARING” your mind!  Now don’t get scared.. this is only a science fiction story.   However it depicts the power of sharing each other’s experiences!


Believe it or not… Key And Car Tracking software was built towards a similar vein.  I realized as I was walking around the car lots trying to find a car, or find a key, or pull a vehicle for demo that had an incredible foul odor… somebody on our car lot knew exactly where the car was.. knew exactly where the key was.. knew ahead of time that this particular car had a foul smell… etc…   that we were all walking around interacting with the inventory with a single mind… not able to share our knowledge.   It dawned on me then, that if there was a way to create a real-time communication platform where we could quickly input our experience with the cars and the keys at our dealership, we could create a “COLLECTIVE MIND”!   As a collective mind we would understand where each car was, each key, issues that might be noticed about a vehicle… and by doing so our efficiencies would improve dramatically!


Welcome to the COLLECTIVE MIND!!  Welcome to Key And Car Tracking!!!


Author: David Whitt