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Integrated Key Cabinet

  • High Key Density
  • Low Upfront Cost
  • Next Generation Technology

Cloud Based

  • No software to install!
  • Easy access from computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Information Provided is in Real-Time
  • Inter-Personal Communication Platform
  • Can bundle Accessories like Key Cabinet, Vehicle Portal, GPS Tracker

Low Cost Solution

  • Two day setup and training
  • Next Generation Key Cabinet Lowers Cost

Are you about to invest in a key tracking system?

We think instead, you should consider upgrading to a complete LOT MANAGEMENT system!

  • Easy Access To Keys & Vehicles

    Customer Requests a Demo Drive

    See the status of each vehicle in Real-Time.   Status could be Available, Demo, Move, Service, Sold, Inspect, or Auction.  If it is Available, you can easily check it out in your name with the press of a button.  If not available, you can inform your customer why.  Vehicle LOCATION is shown as well as the location of the vehicle key (i.e. if the key is in the key cabinet or somebody still has it in their pocket).

    If your customer requests to see multiple vehicles, you can jot down the location of each vehicle.  This facilitates a quick process for showing your customer their particular choices.  If your customer decides they want to test drive any vehicle they are looking at, our cloud-based application can be accessed from your smartphone from anywhere.  While standing outside, click the “DEMO” button and that vehicle and key are now reserved in your name.

  • Alerts Via TEXT Message or Email

    Use SMS Text Alerts to Eliminate Your Staff Forgetfulness

    • 15 – 30 minutes before the close of a business day,  any staff member that forgot they still have a vehicle or key not turned in will receive an SMS text message reminding them of taking care of this issue before they leave.
    • After returning a vehicle back to lot inventory from a demo drive, the vehicle key will need to be returned within 20 minutes.  If not, we will generate a courtesy SMS text as a gentle reminder to return the key.  30 minutes after that, we will generate a SMS text to both the salesperson and their immediate supervisor alerting them that a key has not been returned yet.  This will continue every 30 minutes until the key is returned.

    Use Vehicle Monitoring Alerts to Inform Staff of Vehicle Status Changes

    • Set a Vehicle Monitor Alert by entering Customer Name, Phone, Vehicle Interested, and Date/Time of Appt.  This feature will then enable you to receive an SMS text message when a vehicle your customer is interested in has recently sold.
    • If there is an upcoming sales appointment for a particular vehicle, our system will inform your Auction staff as they are acquiring the vehicle key, about the appointment.  If they decide to go ahead with the Auction status, the salesperson with the appointment will receive an SMS text message with their customer name and appt. date, that the vehicle is no longer available.

    Improve Staff Efficiency with Vehicle PREP Alerts

    • Allow your lot attendants to roam free with other tasks they need to accomplish.  If a vehicle is sold and needs to be prepared for customer delivery, each salesperson can send a Vehicle Needs Prep Alert which generates an SMS text message to all lot attendants that they are needed to get a vehicle ready for delivery.  When the vehicle is ready, your sales staff will receive a “Vehicle Ready” SMS text message.  Times stamps allow you to understand how long it is taking to respond to vehicle prep requests.

    Staff Performance Metrics will Improve

    • Decide what metrics are important to you and your staff.  This could include fuel levels, a vehicle parked in proper alignment, windows down, etc.  This is for you to decide.  Once this metric is being monitored, any staff infringement can be reported and tracked.  This allows you to hold your staff accountable for vehicle interactions.  We maintain historical information on all vehicles and know the last person who drove the vehicle, thus allowing us to build these performance reports.
  • Real-Time Updates

    Availability & Location

    Quickly query the system from any computer, smartphone, or tablet and find the vehicle statuskey location and the vehicle location.  All information entered into the system is available in Real-Time to everyone.

  • Vehicle History Maintained

    Complete History

    A history of every demo drive, service rollback, vehicle move, etc. is shown in chronological order.

    Text message fields are available to add comments to each of these transactions.  For example, if returning a car and pressing the “Check-In” button, you might want to add a comment that a customer complained of a smoke smell.  Anything you want to share with the next person touching the car could be added.

  • Performance Reporting

    Management Reports

    • Check how many vehicles each employee moved from fresh intake to the primary sales lot for that day, week, or month.
    • Morning report to see who accidentally took keys home.
    • Know how many incident reports for each employee are being generated for that day, week, month.
      • Incidents might include:
        • Vehicles not parked in location they reported
        • Vehicles left in parking spot with windows down or not aligned properly
    • Understand the service incidents for all vehicles for the day, week, or month.  Comment section is available for understanding specific issues.
      • Also understand how long vehicles are off the lot with service related issues.  Can be sorted to show vehicles with the longest times first.
    • See all vehicles that have been on 3 or more demo drives and the vehicle has not sold yet.  Notes are available for customer comments after each demo drive.

    Employee Performance Reports

    • Each employee can see their own performance metrics.  This will remind them that you are keeping track of how many times they don’t properly park a car, or leave a window down, or don’t put fuel in the vehicle, etc.

Key And Car Software Is In The Cloud


Software As A Service (SAAS) Application

Nothing To Install – Simply Configure and Go.
No Worries About Backing Up Your Data.

Person Using Key And Car Software


Works With Any Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer

Real-Time access to information as it happens.
Allows you to determine the status of vehicles immediately.

What others say about our Key and Car Tracking System

Ricart Automotive signed this Testimonial letter on March 1st.  They gave me my first opportunity to prove that I have a product that can offer value at a major car dealership.  I can’t say enough about the opportunity they provided me!  Obviously I am happy that we have delivered our service everyday.. 7 days a week since July of 2015.  And even more happy that they love my product and want to continue using it!Ricart Testimonial Image file